Lilidorei Play Village

Plans for ‘a ground-breaking play village, with the largest play structure in the world’ at The Alnwick Garden have been lodged with the council.

According to the plans, ‘the concept for Lilidorei Play Village is a small settlement set within a forest clearing, with an unearthly, quirky and magical atmosphere.

‘It will centre on the Elfic Play Structure, a large, imaginative and complex play structure, surrounded by an earth embankment.

‘This will be complemented by smaller play areas for younger children and more challenging climbing structures for older children.

‘Around the village square and clustered along forest trails will be a variety of small, earthy, wooden houses in the style of Arctic and Russian cabins, seated in the landscape. These will contain a café, a tavern, play and storytelling activities, and shops.’

There will also be a toilets block, a multi-functional Santa’s Grotto, a chapel which can be used for wedding ceremonies and a large events venue.

A supporting statement says it ‘will be a benchmark for outdoor play around the world’.

The village will be designed to appeal to adults as well as children, while also being accessible for wheelchair users.

Lilidorei Play Village is planned to open in 2018.

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Published on: 10th February 2017  -  Filed under: Alnwick Local Attractions

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